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Service overview

PayForex is an international money transfer service provider and was established for the purpose to provide convenience at a lower price than traditional money transfer firms. It was founded upon the law of payment and settlement (fund settlement law) and is registered as an official fund transfer firm of Japan (Kanto Local Finance Bureau registration number 00010) Currently this service is available to those with a Japanese nationality and all foreigners residing in Japan.

How the PayForex international money transfer service works

We send money from Japan to a bank account overseas

PayForex’s international money transfer service uses international bank to bank payment routes to send your funds to overseas bank accounts. money transfer image

All transactions can be done online

All PayForex services are offered online, and requests for currency exchange and money transfers are accepted online 24 hours a day. You can perform transactions from anywhere as long as you have a PC with Internet access.

Start with “Sign-up”

To use the services, you must first sign-up at PayForex. For details, see “How to sign up“.

Remittance to over 200 countries/ regions

PayForex overseas remittance has a very high speed of deposit and comparing to traditional overseas remittances deposit time is significantly reduced.

Speed Remittance

In the case of “Speed Remittance” remittance currencies are only limited to local currencies、and remittance generally arrives within 24 hours after the transfer request is received(*).

Countries and regions which support Speed Remittance

China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Euro Area, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA (As of October 2021)

* Arrival of remitted funds is expected within 24 hours, except weekends, holidays and local bank holidays.

List of Currencies

The currency list below represents the currencies we cover to remit, as of October 2021.(* mark refers to Speed Remittance currency)In addition, the remittance currency may be limited depending on the remittance country/region. Please check the “PayForex – Remittance Available Currency List ” for details.

North America / Latin America
Middle East / Africa

Conditions and limitations

To Sign-up
Account types Individual・Corporate Accounts can be opened under an individual’s name or a corporation’s name.
Enrollment fee Free
Annual fee Free
ASP services for corporations Please inquire For corporations looking to reduce money transfer workload due to numerous transfers and/or destinations. We will prepare a proposal for contracted money transfer services. For details, see “Information on corporate alliance“.
Standard maximum transfer limits
Maximum amount for a single transfer ¥1 million (or equivalent amount in foreign currency)
  • If the monthly transfer amount exceeds ¥1 million, we may ask for a phone interview regarding the purpose of the transfers or ask to see invoices.
  • If you would like to exceed the maximum monthly transfer limit, please contact us in advance. We will determine the amount that can be transferred based on a phone interview and submitted invoices, etc.
  • Sole proprietors: please submit a copy of a sole proprietorship business registration form.
Maximum monthly transfer amount Standard individual: ¥3 million Corporation or sole proprietor: ¥6 million (or equivalent amount in foreign currency)
Money transfer fees
Transfer fee ¥0 – ¥2,400 (Varies depending on transfer amount and currency) For details, see  “List of transfer fees” and “About fees“.
Intermediary bank fee Borne by beneficiary/sender If borne by beneficiary: deducted from transferred amount If borne by sender:use the Pay Other Bank Charges service
Intermediary bank fee Borne by beneficiary/sender
Pay Other Bank Charges ¥2,500 For a flat fee, PayForex bears all other bank charges so they are not deducted from the transfer amount. For details, see “The Pay Other Bank Charges service“.
Exchange rates
Rate display Every 15 minutes
Exchange rate See international money transfer simulator The simulator will show the actual exchange rate.
Business/support hours
Days to transfer money Generally 1 – 3 business days Within 24 hours for Speed Remittance
Deposit receipt confirmation time Generally within 24 hours (on business days)
Days to withdraw money Generally 2 business days
Money transfer hours Requests accepted online 24 hours a day
Currency exchange hours Requests accepted online 24 hours a day
Telephone support hours Weekdays 9:30 – 17:30 (Closed on weekends, holidays and New Year)