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For the international fund transfer,
「Other bank charges」For the international remittance, there may be fees, the intermediary and receiving bank fee. Those fees will be deducted from the original remittance amount when the beneficiary receives the funds.
Note that a intermediary bank may be changed even if you remit the funds to the same bank. Thus, the 「Other bank charges」 could differ each time you remit. Also note that the 「Other bank charges」 can be changed at their own discretion.
will be paid, the intermediary and receiving bank fee.

※If you wish to pay those fees by yourself, please select 「Pay by myself」 (2,500JPY) on 「Other bank charges」 section.

(Please note that we can not provide this service in Canada and South American countries and the following banks. (Morgan Stanley・CHASE BANK・US BANK・MIZUHO BANK (SWITZERLAND)・FBME BANK・GOLOMT BANK (MONGOLIA)・FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK)

*Simulation results are calculated based on current exchange rates for reference purposes, and are not a guarantee of amounts for an actual transfer.

When sending foreign currency, we recommend depositing more funds than the simulation results. (Withdrawal fees for remaining funds will be borne by PayForex.)

Remittance fee for today


Amount Fees
1-100 19 USD
101-200 19 USD
201-500 19 USD
501-1,000 19 USD
1,001-2,000 19 USD
2,001-3,000 19 USD
3,001-5,000 19 USD
5,001-10,000 Free

Exchange rate

Currency / JPY Rate
USD 105.13
EUR 114.41
CNY 15.62
GBP 128.52
CHF 106.16
CAD 79.52
AUD 80.68
HKD 13.90
SGD 75.60
MYR 26.33
THB 3.05
MXN 6.12
TRY 37.45
ZAR 8.43
DKK 15.49
NOK 12.94
SEK 12.02
KRW 0.0945
NZD 76.18
VND 0.0077
NPR 0.98840
PHP 2.1633
BDT 1.229075
PKR 0.6
IDR 0.007365
MMK 0.078310
INR 1.4189
LKR 0.541459
KHR 0.025559
BRL 0.00924299
PEN 0.05882352
ARS 0.00793795
CLP 0.00707115
COP 0.00855431