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※*Simulation results are calculated based on current exchange rates for reference purposes, and are not a guarantee of amounts for an actual transfer.
※When sending foreign currency, we recommend depositing more funds than the simulation results. (Withdrawal fees for remaining funds will be borne by PayForex.)

About Mexico Remittance

How to remit

After you activate your PayForex account, follow the 4 steps on customer page “myPay” to send remittance request. Select [Remittance]-[Other countries] for remittance.

Terms of use / Restrictions

Items Contents
Sender Must open PayForex account (Individual and Corporate)
Beneficiary Domestic bank account holder in Mexico (Individual and Corporate) .
Transfer currency MXN or Receivable currencies
※If you remit with currency that differs from the beneficiary bank account currency, the beneficiary bank may refund it or will exchange sent currency into beneficiary bank account currency automatically. Please confirm with the beneficiary in advance.
Remit JPY Available
※However, if the beneficiary account cannot accept JPY, there is possibility that beneficiary bank will refund or beneficiary bank will exchange automatically into bank account currency. Please confirm with the beneficiary in advance.
Estimated time of arrival 1-3 business days
Fees Please check “Remittance fee for (MXN) today” on this page, or please check “List of transfer fees” .
Other bank charges There might be other bank charges (Intermediary bank, beneficiary bank) involved. Please check “About fees” for details.
Pay Other Bank Charges service Available
※When remitting MXN, please ensure to use Pay Other Bank Charges service However, according to Mexican domestic banks’ condition, there is possibility that it still might involve other bank charges even you choose to use Pay Other Bank Charges service. Please contact our support line for details.
Others For Mexico remittance, 18 digits CLABE Account Number is necessary.