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About Hong Kong Remittance

Hong Kong Speed Remittance with 10 currencies !

  • Except for local currency (HKD: Hong Kong Dollar), other 9 currencies(USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, GBP, NZD, SGD) are also possible for Speed Remittance.
  • Speed Remittance generally arrives within 24 hours after the transfer request is received. (Weekends, holidays and local bank holidays are excepted.)
  • No special fees or procedures. Remittance to Hong Kong will be exchanged automatically into local currency and applied to speed remittance.

How to remit

After you activate your PayForex account, you can send remittance request through customer page “myPay”. 3 steps for speed remittance without exchange operation.

STEP1: Deposit

DepositFirstly, deposit into PayForex account. If you use for “Speed Deposit“, you can deposit after you confirm the transfer currency and amount on “STEP3: Remittance instruction”. Please select the deposit methods based on your needs.

STEP2: Register a beneficiary bank account

Register a beneficiary bank account Register beneficiary information through [myPay]-[Beneficiary]- [Hong Kong].

STEP3: Remittance instruction

Remittance instruction Send remittance request via [Remittance]-[Hong Kong]. Input either JPY amount or HKD amount. It will automatically exchange so there is no need to do exchange in advance. Moreover, if you haven’t deposited or there is not enough on your balance, you could always use “Speed Deposit“.

Terms of use / Restrictions

Items Contents
Sender Must open PayForex account (Individual and Corporate)
Beneficiary Domestic bank account holder in Hong Kong (Individual and Corporate) .
Transfer currency HKD, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, GBP, NZD, SGD 10 currencies.
Remit JPY Not available
Estimated time of arrival Generally within 24 hours
Fees Please check “Remittance fee for (HKD) today” on this page, or please check “List of transfer fees” .
Other bank charges There might be other bank charges (Intermediary bank, beneficiary bank) involved. Please check “About fees” for details.
Pay Other Bank Charges service Available