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※*Simulation results are calculated based on current exchange rates for reference purposes, and are not a guarantee of amounts for an actual transfer.
※When sending foreign currency, we recommend depositing more funds than the simulation results. (Withdrawal fees for remaining funds will be borne by PayForex.)

About China Remittance

China Speed Remittance “CNY remittance 2.0”

The CNY remittance 2.0 service can be easily done online anytime. The CNY remittance 2.0 service will automatically convert JPY into CNY when money arrives at the bank. Please use the CNY remittance 2.0 for sending living expenses for your family, paying for your overseas shopping, and more!

Requirements for the bank account of the beneficiary (remittee)

The CNY remittance 2.0 services enable you to remit money only to accounts that meet the following three conditions. Please confirm in advance whether it is an account that can use this service.

Condition 1: A bank account (Chinese national individual)

Chinese nationality

A bank account of an individual with Chinese nationality

A bank account of the beneficiary (remittee) which is coverd by this service is only a bank account belonging to an individual with Chinese nationality. Also please check “list of receiving banks“, to see whether it is a bank which can correspond to our services.

Condition 2: Mobile number contracted in China

Mobile number

Mobile number contracted in China

Beneficiary has to have a mobile number contracted in China in order to receive an SMS message.

Condition 3: A bank account with cash card

A bank account with cash card

A bank account with cash card

Beneficiary has to have a bank account with cash card.
  • ※ a bank accout for receiving pension is not able to use our services.

How to remit

After you activate your PayForex membership.

Important notice

FAQ – CNY remittance 2.0

Q.Can I remit money to multiple recipients?

A.Yes, you can, but you can’t use the same mobile number. Each beneficiary needs to register a separate individual mobile number.

Q.Will it be possible to issue a remittance certificate (for dependency deduction )?

A.Yes. You can download it on myPay from around 18:30 on business days after remittance is credited into the receiver’s account. ※ For remittance certificate executed before December 31, 2016, please request by phone or inquiry page. Free of charge for issuing a certificate via e-mail. (If you wish to receive by mail, the fee of 800 yen will be charged.)

Q.Is it necessary to change currencies?

A.No exchange is needed. It will automatiocally be exchanged and sent in CNY.

Terms of use / Restrictions

China Speed Remittance “CNY remittance 2.0”

Items Contents
Sender PayForex member (individual only)
Beneficiary Only individuals with Chinese nationalities.
※Beneficiary has to have a mobile number contracted in China.
Transfer fee Please check “Remittance fee for (CNY) today” on this page.
Transfer amount Between JPY 1 and JPY 300,000 per transaction.
※Money transfer amounts are limited to the equivalent of $50,000 within a year in China. If the requested transfer would reach the total amount for the year over the limit, it will not be deposited into the beneficiary’s account and will be returned instead.
Limitation on the number of remittances The maximum number of remittance to the same beneficiary is limited to twice a day.
Transfer currency Chinese Renminbi (CNY)
※After funds are deposited in Japanese yen, currency will be exchanged to Renminbi automatically at the transfer request .
Transfer destination Individual bank account in China. (Hong Kong is not included in this service)
Days needed for funds to arrive Funds arrive on the day of the transfer request or the next business day.
Others The conditions of use above are subject to change without notification due to revision of Chinese laws, change of rules of affiliated banks, revision of PayForex Terms and Conditions etc.

China Standard Remittance

Items Contents
Sender PayForex member
Beneficiary Bank account holder in China (Corporate only)
Transfer currency CNY、USD
Estimated time of arrival 1-3 business days
Fees Please check “List of transfer fees” .
Other bank charges There might be other bank charges (Intermediary bank, beneficiary bank) involved. Please check “About fees” for details.
Pay Other Bank Charges service Available
Others When remitting CNY, please make sure the beneficiary (Corporate) has taken regular procedure to receive the CNY remitted from abroad.

What are CNY remittance 2.0 services?

The services are offered in partnership with China’s the Bank of Shanghai. イメージ図