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Service features

We handle more than 30 foreign currencies! Send money to bank accounts in more than 200 countries and regions!

PayForex international money transfers handle more than 30 different foreign currencies. Send money to bank accounts in more than 200 countries and regions without limitation.

Low transfer fees and favorable exchange rates

Transfer fees are required to send money overseas, but with PayForex, there are no transfer fees for large-volume foreign currency transfers (example: US$5,000 or more). We also offer favorable exchange rates linked to the market. See “List of transfer fees“,”Exchange rates“.

Ease of mind with fund protection

We are subject to the performance deposit system defined in the Ordinance on Funds Transfer Service Providers. Based on the regulations in Article 44 of this document, we have executed a performance deposit guarantee contract with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation for customers using this service, and the performance deposit system protects the applicable funds of each customer. Customers have the right to receive a refund based on the regulations in Article 59 of the Ordinance on Funds Transfer Service Providers.

How to use our services

Opening a PayForex account

First, you need to open a PayForex account. Also, please prepare your identification documents.See “How to open an account“,”Documents to submit“. Once an account is opened, the Transaction Password required for overseas money transfers and foreign currency exchanges and deposit account information will be mailed to your registered address. Please keep it in a safe place.

Use “myPay” for all transactions

You can perform all PayForex transactions after logging in to the “myPay” website. See “How to remit“.

Make sure beneficiary information is accurate

Do you have all of the beneficiary’s bank account information? PayForex’s overseas money transfers use an international bank to bank payment network. Prepare accurate information such as the bank code (SWIFT, etc.) and account number. Please be careful, as funds will be returned if there are discrepancies in the beneficiary information.

Other bank charges

When sending overseas money transfers via international transfer networks, fees (other bank charges) may be charged by the beneficiary bank or intermediary banks. These are usually deducted from the transfer amount. PayForex offers a Pay Other Bank Charges service to prevent other bank charges from being deducted from the transfer amount.See “About fees” for more details.

Notify the beneficiary in advance

Remittances made with this service will arrive in the name of “Queenbee Capital Co., Ltd.” Please inform your beneficiary of this. In default setting on all remittances, the sender name and address is inputted into the message section of our transfer service. For payments such as product purchases and study abroad expenses, invoice numbers and reference numbers can be inputted in the message section.