Best way to send money


Our customers and their needs

Since beginning of our services, PayForex has served a wide variety of customers. Here are some examples of our customers and their needs.

Some examples of PayForex customers



People doing business internationally

Individuals and corporations who frequently need to send money overseas find the ability to transfer money online anytime with PayForex convenient. Transfer fees are free for large-volume foreign currency transfers, and everything can be done online, from opening accounts to initiating transfers!

Express transfers


People who want Speed Remittance

If you remit to “Speed Remittance supported countries/regions”, generally it will arrive within 24 hours.

Periodic remittance


People who regularly send transfers of ¥1 million or less

PayForex saves beneficiary account information for each transfer, so there is no need to enter the same beneficiary information for subsequent transfers. It is useful for salary payments for local workers or regular rent payments for real estate.



People who don’t want to go to the bank

PayForex is available online 24 hours a day for people who don’t want to visit a financial institution that handles international money transfers and fill out a transfer form each time.



People sending money overseas for the first time

PayForex has staff members who speak English and Chinese, so people sending money overseas for the first time or those who aren’t comfortable with PCs or online transactions can contact us with any questions.

Reasons to transfer money – some uses of PayForex

PayForex serves our customers’ needs with our three advantages—security, convenience, and low fees.

our three advantages

Sending money for the costs of studying abroad

Many people use our services to send money for living costs and tuition for studying abroad. When paying costs for studying abroad, please have an invoice ready.

Paying for online shopping at overseas sites

Many people take advantage of PayForex’s low transfer fees if they cannot use a credit card to pay for online shopping or auctions at overseas sites.

Sending money to your own account or family overseas

Foreigners living in Japan and Japanese people alike can send money to their families overseas for living expenses, etc. using PayForex’s online transfers any time. You can also transfer money to your own overseas bank account.