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Information on corporate alliance

Information on corporate alliance

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In this program, you can introduce us to other corporations as an overseas money transfer solution.
In return, we will pay you a commission based on the introduction results.
To do this, we must first put a agency program contract in place between your company and ours.

*The contract is dependent on the results of a pre-contract compliance screening.

Some examples of companies that might need our services:

  • Real estate management companies: rent payment management – rent payments to overseas owners who hold real estate in Japan
  • Patent firms: patent renewal fees, etc. – patent fee payments to overseas patent firms or WIPO

Using PayForex means significant savings in time, work, and cost for overseas money transfers.

ASP services for corporate customers

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Are you looking for overseas money transfer solutions?

  • Bundling transfers to multiple destinations
  • Automating transfers between accounts, currency exchange, and money transfers

We can provide applications custom-made for our corporate customers to match their specific needs and address the issues they face with overseas money transfers.

*Please contact us to discuss development and management fees, etc.