Best way to send money


Advantages of using PayForex

It was once necessary to visit a bank teller to transfer money overseas, but with PayForex, the entire process can be done online. As a funds transfer service provider, we offer security, convenience, and low fees to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Advantage 1: Security – Your deposited funds


Your funds are protected safely

We are registered as Funds Transfer Service Provider (Kanto Local Finance Bureau registration number 00010) and subject to the Security Deposits system defined in Payment Services Act. Based on the regulations in Article 44 of this Act, we have executed a Guarantee Contract of Security Deposits with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and we also made Security Deposits to Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau. This service is to protect the remittance funds of each customer required by the Security Deposits system, and customers have the right to receive a refund based on the regulations in Article 59 of Payment Services Act.

Advantage 2: Convenience – Do everything online, 24 hours a day


All services are available online, from sign-up to arranging money transfers

You no longer have to visit the bank to fill out transfer request forms! All services are available online, from sign-up to arranging money transfers. The services are available anywhere as long as you have Internet access.

Initiate fast transfers online 24 hours a day

Currency exchange and money transfers are available online 24 hours a day! Transfers to Speed Remittance supported countries generally arrive within 24 hours. (Standard Remittance generally takes 1-3 business days. )

More than 30 currencies and more than 200 countries

We handle more than 30 different currencies. Please check “List of Currencies” for details. We can send money to more than 200 countries / regions.

Advantage 3: Low fees – No transfer fee for large-volume transfers


No transfer fee for large-volume foreign currency transfers

Everyone wants to keep “transfer fees” low when sending money internationally. Most banks charge flat transfer fees regardless of the transfer amount, but PayForex’s fees vary depending on the transfer amount, and there is no transfer fee for large-volume foreign currency transfers.
Remittance fees when sending 5,000USD
  • *Apart from transfer fees, the beneficiary bank (and intermediary banks) may impose other bank charges when sending international money transfers. For details, see “About fees“.
  • *The fees listed above are based on our own survey and are not guaranteed. When using these services, please base your decision on your own research.
  • PayForex fees may change without notice. For information on today’s fees, see “List of transfer fees“.