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How to open an account

To use PayForex, you must first complete User registration (Sign up) and open an account. Follow the steps below to open an account.

Step1. User registration (Sign up)

You can use your email address, phone number or third-party login to easily complete User registration (Sign up). There is no enrollment fee or annual fee! Please feel free to give it a try.
User registration (Sign up)
(1) At “New User registration (Sign up),” enter your email address or phone number and submit.Moreover, it’s available for third-party login such as Google, Yahoo!Japan, LINE, etc.
(2)-1 Email registration
The e-mail will be sent to the address you entered for User registration (Sign up) . Please click the link in the email to activate the account and set up your login password.
(2)-2 Phone registration
Enter the number same as the image, click “get verification code”.The short message will be sent to the phone you entered for User registration (Sign up) . Please enter the pin code to activate the account and set up your login password.
(2)-3 Third-party login
Third-party login authorization page will appear once chosen. Follow the instructions to connect your third-party account with PayForex. (Notice) The demonstration is an example of Google.
(3)Please enter your email address/phone number and login password, or login from third-party account. After logging in, your “myPay” page will appear.

Step2. Open an account

When you log in to myPay, you can operate the actual transaction screen. 
After trying it, please proceed to Open an Account to conduct an actual transaction.
(1)Click “Activate Account” shown in orange on the myPay home screen. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your account.
Open an Account
(2)Select an individual account or corporate account and proceed to the next step.
(3)For both an individual account and a corporate account, enter and submit the required information on the customer information screen. After you submit the information, the completion screen will appear and you will receive an email at the email address you registered with the list of documentations you will need to submit.

Step3.Submit identification documents

After step 2, please submit identification documents and documents confirming your Individual Number (My number) or Corporate Number. For details, see “Documents to submit.

Step4. Completion of account opening

Once the account opening procedure has been completed by you, the status of your account will appear as “Reviewing”. After the successful completion of account opening after our review, your “Transaction Password” will be couriered by simple registered mail, which can not be transferred to any other place than registered address, to you in one to three business days. After you receive the “Transaction Password”, you are able to do the overseas remittance at any time.
  • Before account activationBefore account activation
  • After account activationAfter account activation
This concludes the account opening process. When you receive your Transaction Password, see “Transaction process.