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Exchange – Exchange rate

Is currency exchange conducted at the same rate everywhere?

No, the rates at banks and currency exchange stations differ.
It is recommended to compare the rates beforehand.

How often the exchange rate be updated?

The exchange rate is updated every 15 minutes; which allows the user to conduct currency exchange at the current rate.

Compared to transactions held in the daytime, why are night, weekend, and holiday rates higher?

The reason for this is because the rate is determined through consideration of the risks and cover costs, which varies at the time of the transaction.

I want to check the current exchange rate.

Please click "Exchange rate" and "International money transfer simulator".

Can I reserve the exchange rate before depositing funds for my transaction?

Possible. During remittance procedure on page “Payment method”, if you choose “Pay from bank account (Speed Deposit)”, the page will be proceeded to select online banking, and exchange rate would be reserved at the right timing.
※If you use Speed Deposit, apart from the bank transfer fee, you will be charged deposit fee of JPY 780 with PayForex.