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Overseas remittance

Overseas remittance – Terms of use

Can I send funds to any country?

All countries are applicable for fund remittance with a few exceptions. (Currently we do not process the remittance to Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, and Russia.)
Exceptions regard “the intended usage of funds” and “payment for import and export” from the laws on foreign exchange and foreign trade.

Also note that each transaction will be reviewed for the following, and will be subject for denial.
- “The intended usage of funds” for nuclear development, and “payment for import and export” to and from North Korea.
- “The intended usage of funds” for nuclear development and large scale weaponry to and from Iran.

Can I use this service to remit money to overseas FX brokers?

No, you cannot. Remittances to financial instruments dealers and affiliates that not registered in Japan are not permitted. Also, because almost all FX brokers only accept payments made in the name of an individual, and remittances made by PayForex are made under the name of Queenbee Capital, a third party. For this reason, remittances made with PayForex will be returned. Please be aware that in case funds are returned, the customer is responsible for all fees charged by the FX broker for the return, as well as our processing fees.

Can I use this service to pay for online games and gambling?

We do not accept remittance requests for any of the following purposes.
・Remittances for purchasing lottery tickets which were issued overseas.
・Remittances used with Internet casinos and other gambling purposes.
・Remittances for use in carrying out illegal transactions such as purchasing marijuana, stimulants, guns, and counterfeit money.
・Remittances for purchasing imported contraband goods such as publications detrimental to public morals.
・Remittances for the purpose of purchasing endangered plants and animals or processed articles banned by the Washington Convention or similar agreements.
・Remittances for other purposes deemed improper.

Can I receive fund transfers from overseas?

Funds cannot be received from overseas at PayForex. PayForex is an international fund remittance service, and specializes in transfers of funds from Japan.

Can I send overseas remittances in any currency?

PayForex currently handles more than 30 different currencies, and the available options vary depending on the account, country, and region where remittances are being made to.

The remittance currency may be limited depending on the remittance country/region. Please check the "PayForex – Remittance Available Currency List " for details.

How much can I remit to overseas at a time?

The limit of one remittance is 1 million JPY, or foreign currency equivalent to 1 million JPY.
* The remittance limit of foreign currency is set at myPay equivalent to approximately ¥900,000 ~ ¥950,000. If you wish to remit up to 1 million JPY equivalent, please contact the support desk. (TEL: 0120-808-774 weekdays 10:00 - 15:00)

How many remittances can I make in a month?

There is no limit for the number of remittances in monthly base. However, it may be restricted depending on the usage situation.
【Monthly remittance limit】
・ Individual account: 3 million JPY
・ Corporate account and sole proprietor authorized by us: 6 million JPY

Please tell me the hours of operation for international fund transfer service.

Aside from the time of maintenance, the service will be available 24 hours including weekends and holidays. Please be aware that you can request the remittance service on weekends and holidays; however, the remittance processing will only be on the business days.

Whose name will the remittances be made in? Will they be in my name?

1. Case of "Speed Remittance (except Hong Kong)"
It depends on the country of remittance. Please contact the support desk for details. (TEL: 0120-808-774 weekdays 10:00 to 15:00)

2. Cases other than "Speed Remittance"
Remittances made with this service will arrive in the name of “Queenbee Capital Co., Ltd.” Please inform your beneficiary of this. In default setting on all remittances, the sender name and address are inputted into the message section of our transfer service. For payments such as product purchases and study abroad expenses, invoice numbers and reference numbers can be inputted in the message section.

Overseas remittance – Services

How long does it take for the funds to arrive at the beneficiary bank?

This varies depending on the location remittances are made to. For Express money transfers service, remittances are completed within 24 hours. For other countries and regions, remittances are generally completed within two business days.
Please also check the ”Holidays calendar” you’re remitting to and be aware of holidays because the remittance will not be processed on holidays.

Is there a way to confirm my remittance transaction was completed successfully?

We are unable to confirm receipt of remittances, so please confirm this directly with the beneficiary. It generally takes between two and three business days for funds to arrive.
※ "Speed Remittance" will arrive within 24 hours from the request in principle. Some speed remittances such as China, Vietnam will notify the sender by email or SMS that payment has been completed.

Can I book the date to remit to be made?

No, you can not book your remittance on a specific day or time. You can manually request the fund remittance service.

Is there a way to cancel a remittance after I’ve completed the remittance instruction?

Please check myPay homepage "Transaction history". You can cancel a remittance that is in the status of "in process" by choosing it and clicking the trash can icon on the next screen.

Overseas remittance – Registration of beneficiary account

Does the beneficiary information only accept alphabetic letter when registering the remittance information?

PayForex can only transfer money by alphabet. Please check the beneficiary account information in alphabetical order before registration.

* If you are using "CNY Remittance 2.0", you need to register the beneficiary name in both Simplified Chinese and Pinyin.

I do not know the recipient name and account details in alphabet letters.

Please confirm in advance with your beneficiary, thank you.

What are bank codes?

Bank codes are used to differentiate banks (SWIFT, BIC, Routing, Sort, BSB and ABA).

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT codes, also known as BIC codes, are financial institution identification codes used in international remittance systems to specify the target bank, and are used to indicate different banks all over the world. SWIFT and BIC both provide the same information.

What is an IBAN code?

IBAN codes are used mostly in Europe, and are a comprehensive representation of account information including account number, residence country, and branch. For the PayForex system, the IBAN code, rather than the beneficiary’s account number, must be registered for the Europe remittances.

What is an ABA number (code)?

ABA numbers (or codes) are identification numbers for banks in the United States (these numbers are made up of nine continuous digits).

What should I do if I don’t know the bank codes?

Please confirm in advance with your beneficiary, thank you.