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Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals – Deposit

Does PayForex only accept JPY for the deposit?

Yes, we only accept JPY for the deposit.

How can I deposit into myPay? (Which bank should I deposit for the remittance?)

Please deposit your funds to one of the banks listed below. We only accept deposit in JPY.

JPY Account

We allocate your dedicated bank account for the deposit. Please login to your own myPay and refer 「Deposit」-「Deposit accounts of bank」 section.

◆みずほ銀行 (0001) -- MIZUHO BANK◆
Branch Name 神谷町支店 (146) -- KAMIYACHO
Account Type 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number 1341418

◆ジャパンネット銀行 (0033) -- JAPAN NET BANK◆
Branch Name すずめ支店(スズメ)(002) -- SUZUME
Account Type 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number 1395027
Account Name クイーンビーキャピタル (カ

◆ゆうちょ銀行 (9900) -- JAPAN POST BANK◆
Account Number 10100 - 83673831
Branch Name 〇一八店(ゼロイチハチ) (018)
Account Type 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number 8367383
Account Name クイーンビーキャピタル (カ

◆楽天銀行 (0036) -- Rakuten Bank◆
Branch Name 第一営業支店 (251) -- Daiichieigyou
Account Type 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number 7004181
Account Name Queen Bee Capital (カ

◆住信SBIネット銀行 (0038) – SBI Sumishin Net Bank◆
Branch Name 法人第一支店 (106) -- Houjindaiichi
Account Type 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number 1007258
Account Name クイーンビーキャピタル (カ

◆GMOあおぞらネット銀行 (0310) – GMO Aozora Net Bank◆
Branch Name 法人営業部 (101)-- HOUJIN
Account Type 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number 1115536
Account Name クイーンビーキャピタル (カ

◆りそな銀行(0010) – Resona Bank◆
Branch: 新橋支店(268)-- SHINBASHI(268)
Account Type: 普通 -- FUTSU
Account Number: 1977859
Account Name: クイーンビーキヤピタル(カ

How long will it take for my status to appear on my myPay account after depositing?

【Bank transfer】
It will be reflected in myPay account within 24 hours except weekends and holidays.

【Deposit at convenience stores, Pay-easy ATM, speed deposit】
After the procedure, it will be reflected to myPay account almost in real time.

Is it possible to deposit funds, after the transfer request has been made?

It is possible if you have a bank account that allows online banking. Please select “Speed deposit” on the “Payment method selection” - 3rd step of the remittance screen, and pay from the available financial institution site. You can complete the remittance procedure, reflecting the payment almost in real time.
* It takes 780 JPY deposit fee. The payment deadline is one hour after selecting "Speed deposit". When the time limit is over, the reserved remittance will be canceled automatically.

Is there any transaction fees when deposit?

Is there any transaction fees when deposit?
Yes, the bank, you will use for deposit to PayForex, will charge you the transaction fees. These fees vary depending on the banks you use.

Can a third party deposit funds to my PayForex account?

No. We do not accept payments from third parties that are different from PayForex account names. Please be sure to make a transfer under the same name as your PayForex account name.