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E-Wallet Remittance

“E-Wallet Remittance”

E-Wallet Remittance

What is “E-Wallet Remittance”?

After opening an account, remittance to overseas E-wallet (Wallet APP), in principle, will arrive in real time. (Remittance usually takes 2-3 business days when using a bank). As of October 2020, we support remittance to main E-wallets in China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Pakistan and Philippines.

New Style for Overseas Remittance

New Style for Overseas Remittance

It is possible to directly remit to global daily-use E-Wallet APPs. No complicated operation is needed like bank transfer. Beneficiary could use mobile phone to confirm arrival of fund and use fund freely without going to bank counters.

Country Service Remittance fee Remittance limitation(per transaction) Beneficiary
CHINA China  Alipay 100~179,999JPY : 800JPY
180,000~500,000JPY : 0JPY
Same equivalent amount of 500,000 JPY Alipay users with Chinese nationality
BDT Bangladesh  bKash 100~50,000JPY : 500JPY
50,001~Limit : 1,000JPY
50BTD~122,500BDT Wallet users with mobile phone in Bangladesh
cambodia Cambodia  Wing 300JPY~Limit : 1,980 JPY 2USD~2,500USD Wallet users with mobile phone in Cambodia
Pakistan Pakistan  Jazz Cash 100 JPY~Limit : 800JPY 10PKR~25,000PKR Wallet users with mobile phone in Pakistan
Indonesia Indonesia





500 JPY~Limit : 800JPY 50,000IDR~2,000,000IDR Wallet users with mobile phone in Indonesia
Philippines Philippines



1JPY~10,000JPY : 450JPY
10,001JPY~30,000JPY : 700JPY
30,001JPY~50,000JPY : 900JPY
50,001JPY~Limit : 1,000JPY
10PHP~100,000PHP Wallet users with mobile phone in Philippines

  • ※Alipay remittance can only be used for purpose of living expenses. One user could remit to 4 beneficiaries, and same beneficiary could receive funds 5 times per month.
  • ※Remittance limitation varies from countries, please check details above.
  • Account opening is necessary to use this service