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About changes on Myanmar remittance service (MMK)


Thank you for using PayForex overseas remittance service!

From May 26th, 2022, the remittance fee for Myanmar remittance (MMK) will be adjusted as below. Besides, two new receiving methods, Cash Pickup and E-wallet will be provided.
As a result, the existing beneficiary information will be invalid, and you will need to add the beneficiary again. Please refer to the following item (2).

(1)New Remittance Fee for Myanmar Remittance (MMK)

Remittance amount(JPY) Bank transfer(MMK) Bank transfer (USD) Cash Pickup(MMK)※1 E-wallet(MMK)※2
1~50,000 580 JPY 1980 JPY 580 JPY 780 JPY
50,001~599,999 1480 JPY 1480 JPY N/A
600,000~1,000,000 Free Free N/A

※1 Cash Pickup:limitation per transaction is 5,000,000 MMK.
※2 E-wallet (Citizens Pay):limitation per transaction is 500,000 MMK.

(2)Deletion and re-registration of existing beneficiary information

According to the local regulations in Myanmar, “NRC” is newly required in the beneficiary information. Therefore, the existing beneficiary information is no longer valid and will be deleted by our system. Please confirm the beneficiary’s NRC and register it again.
※NRC is an identification card issued in Myanmar. Please see the picture below, the Information in the red box must be registered.


Example:12 / LaMaTa (N) 123456
12: A number between 1 and 14, referring to the administrative division.
LaMaTa (N): Abbreviation for place of origin.
123456 : 6-digit number

(3)New Cash Pickup remittance

  • Currency: MMK(Myanmar kyat)
  • Limitation per transaction: 5,000,000 MMK
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: Same day but only within bank business hours.
  • Cash pick up locations: MCB branches (MYANMAR CITIZENS BANK LTD.).

(4)New E-wallet remittance: Citizens Pay

  • Currency:MMK(Myanmar kyat)
  • Limitation per transaction: 500,000 MMK
  • In principle, fund would arrive in real time or within 15 minutes.

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