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PayPay Bank “dedicated deposit account” now is available


Thank you very much for using PayForex.
From April 28th (Wednesday), dedicated deposit accounts of PayPay Bank (former Japan Net Bank) are available to customers, a more convenient deposit method to PayForex account. (This will not impact on customers who already have dedicated deposit accounts)

■What is “dedicated deposit account”?
This is a deposit-only bank account number dedicated to each customer. You don’t need to apply to PayPay Bank separately for this account.

After deposit to customer’s dedicated deposit account, the fund will be reflected on PayForex account instantly.

■How to use
There is no application procedure required to start using your dedicate deposit account. Once you deposit to the PayPay Bank account stated on “Deposit account” page of your myPay, the fund will be reflected on your PayForex account instantly.
※The account number differs from customer.
※You can also check the information on “Notification of Sign-up Completion” mailed to you after you successfully register with PayForex new account. (It’s only applied to customers who registers after April 23rd )

■Start Date
April 28th (Wednesday)

■Who can use
・All customers

[Reference] What is the difference from PayPay Bank “transfer”?
Compared to PayForex dedicated deposit account, “transfer” is a money transfer service that a PayPay Bank account holder can use overseas remittance service. (Free of charge). To use this service, you are required to open account with PayPay Bank separately.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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