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「Alipay× PayForex」 Christmas Promotion!


65-yuan RMB Red Packet for each beneficiary account from E-Wallet Alipay!

From 9th, Dec~25th, Dec, Alipay and PayForex have launched a joint Christmas Promotion. The beneficiary account of Alipay will get 65-yuan RMB Red Packet at most for cross-border remittance transactions. It’s the best chance for remittance, so don’t let such an opportunity slip!

[Promotion Period]
December 9th, 2020 (Wednesday) ~ December 25th, 2020 (Friday)※Based on the Beijing Time of successful collection

[Promotion Detail]
・Only for the remittance by E-wallet Alipay
・The beneficiary account of Alipay will get a 50-yuan RMB Red Packet for the first cross-border transaction and a 15-yuan RMB Red Packet for the second cross-border transaction during the promotion period. So, every beneficiary account of Alipay can get 65-yuan RMB Red Packet at most.

・Please pay attention to the notification sent by Alipay so as to claim your Red Packet after the transaction has been successfully received.
・The validity period and term of use are subject to the display of the Red Packet coupon.
・Same user can claim the Red Packet for once only (The same ID number, the same Alipay account number, the same mobile number, and the same device, meeting any of the above conditions is considered the same user)

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