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2 E-wallets in Philippines and 1 E-wallet in Indonesia is added for remittance


We started new remittance service to 2 E-wallets in Philippines.
In addition, we added one more Indonesia E-wallet so we now support 5 E-wallets in Indonesia.
In case you want to send for small amount and remit quickly, please try E-wallet remittance.

【Philippines E-wallet Remittance ~New Service~】
 GCash  PayMaya
・Currency:PHP(Philippine Peso)
・Remittance limitation per transaction:10PHP~50,000PHP
・Remittance fee



1 ~ 10,000

450 JPY

10,001 ~ 30,000

700 JPY

30,001 ~ 50,000

900 JPY

50,001 ~ Limits

1,000 JPY

【Indonesia E-wallet Remittance ~Added~】
 Link Aja
・Currency:IDR(Indonesian Rupiah)
・Remittance limitation per transaction:50,000IDR~2,000,000IDR(Monthly limitation:20,000,000IDR)
・Remittance fee



1 ~ 60,000

800 JPY

60,001 ~ Limits

1,400 JPY

・Funds arrive basically in real time or take about15 minutes.
・Remittance for the first time might take several hours to 2 days to complete transaction.
・In principle remittance would be processed automatically. If manual processing is needed, it might take several hours to complete transaction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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