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E-wallet Alipay (China) Remittance service started


We have launched “E-wallet Alipay (China) Remittance” which uses CNY as remittance currency. Available from the “E-wallet Remittance” – “Alipay”.

  • Beneficiary bank would be roughly 300 main banks who are connected to Alipay.
  • Funds are received in beneficiary’s account speedily through Alipay after the remittance is received. (Remittance usually takes 2-3 business days when using a bank)
  • Remittances are safe and secure, as they use the routes of PayForex, which has a reliable track record.
    Beneficiary bank is limited to ACLEDA Bank only.


【CNY:Remittance fees】
Amount of remittance(JPY) Fees
1 ~ 179,999 800 JPY
180,000 ~ 800,000 Free

※Before July 12th, remittance fee will be 50% off : 800 JPY ⇒ 400 JPY

  • Remittance limitation per transaction:50,000 CNY
  • Alipay remittance cannot be used for the remittance purpose other than living expenses.


  • If transaction request is completed for the first time, please inform beneficiary to “confirm collecting” within Alipay APP.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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