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[Important] Re-submit the Residence Card image data.


Thank you for using PayForex.
From the viewpoint of legal compliance, we are complied to reaffirm the period of stay for foreign customers.If the Residence Card submitted at the time of application for the account is invalid at the time of reception of the customer’s request for overseas remittance, please re-submit the latest Residence Card image data (both front and back sides) and complete the update of the registration information before conducting remittance.
Thank you for your cooperation.
【How to submit】
Please send email to ※ Submission before remittance is also accepted.
Specify the name and user ID in the content of the email.

・ Please submit images on both front and backsides. Please note that the registration address will also be renewed.
・ If you are unable to confirm the renewal, you will not be able to use PayForex service in the future.
※ Customers of permanent residents and special permanent residents are not eligible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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