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Please tell me about the overseas remittance fee.

There are two kinds of fees. For details, please refer to the"About fees" .

1. Remittance fee (Pay to PayForex)
Transfer fee might differ based on transfer amount and transfer currency. Please check "List of transfer fees” for details.

2. Other bank charges (Pay to intermediary and beneficiary bank)
For the international fund transfer, there will be charges by intermediary and beneficiary bank. These fees will be deducted from the original remittance amount when the beneficiary receives the fund. (This fee is not for PayForex.) Also, due to the circumstances of the bank concerned, it may be changed without notice, and even the same remittance destination does not necessarily have the same charge every time.If you wish an accurate arrival amount, please use "The Pay Other Bank Charges service. "

Whose name will the remittances be made in? Will they be in my name?

1. Case of "Speed Remittance (except Hong Kong)"
It depends on the country of remittance. Please contact the support desk for details. (TEL: 0120-808-774 weekdays 10:00 to 15:00)

2. Cases other than "Speed Remittance"
Remittances made with this service will arrive in the name of “Queenbee Capital Co., Ltd.” Please inform your beneficiary of this. In default setting on all remittances, the sender name and address are inputted into the message section of our transfer service. For payments such as product purchases and study abroad expenses, invoice numbers and reference numbers can be inputted in the message section.

Is there a way to confirm my remittance transaction was completed successfully?

We are unable to confirm receipt of remittances, so please confirm this directly with the beneficiary. It generally takes between two and three business days for funds to arrive.

* "Speed Remittance" will arrive within 24 hours from the request in principle. Some speed remittances such as China, Vietnam will notify the sender by email or SMS that payment has been completed.

Can I send overseas remittances in any currency?

PayForex currently handles more than 30 different currencies, and the available options vary depending on the account, country, and region where remittances are being made to.

The remittance currency may be limited depending on the remittance country/region. Please check the "PayForex – Remittance Available Currency List " for details.

Can I use this service to remit money to overseas FX brokers?

No, you cannot. Remittances to financial instruments dealers and affiliates that not registered in Japan are not permitted. Also, because almost all FX brokers only accept payments made in the name of an individual, and remittances made by PayForex are made under the name of Queenbee Capital, a third party. For this reason, remittances made with PayForex will be returned. Please be aware that in case funds are returned, the customer is responsible for all fees charged by the FX broker for the return, as well as our processing fees.