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Overseas remittance

Overseas remittance – Services

How long does it take for the funds to arrive at the beneficiary bank?

This varies depending on the location remittances are made to. For Express money transfers service, remittances are completed within 24 hours. For other countries and regions, remittances are generally completed within two business days.
Please also check the ”Holidays calendar” you’re remitting to and be aware of holidays because the remittance will not be processed on holidays.

Is there a way to confirm my remittance transaction was completed successfully?

We are unable to confirm receipt of remittances, so please confirm this directly with the beneficiary. It generally takes between two and three business days for funds to arrive.
※ "Speed Remittance" will arrive within 24 hours from the request in principle. Some speed remittances such as China, Vietnam will notify the sender by email or SMS that payment has been completed.

Can I book the date to remit to be made?

No, you can not book your remittance on a specific day or time. You can manually request the fund remittance service.

Is there a way to cancel a remittance after I’ve completed the remittance instruction?

Please check myPay homepage "Transaction history". You can cancel a remittance that is in the status of "in process" by choosing it and clicking the trash can icon on the next screen.